Singing to strangers

Hi, I’m Betty Parkinson from Memphis. In my city there’s a place which attracts about 600,000 visitors a year. Graceland is the former home of legendary Elvis Presley! I like rock’n’roll music but it wasn’t Presley’s gold record that impressed me the most. In fact, it was his automobile collection including a cute pink Jeep. Probably, the color was in fashion at that time. I don’t follow modern trends but I can drive a car and play the guitar. I wish to become a musician and perform in the world’s best concert halls. Now my stage is the street, but many famous people started with it, so there’s nothing to be ashamed of!

Beale Street

Surrounding myself with Leonid Afremov’s art

Listen. Watch. Write.

As I’m not married, I’m not burdened with chores and childcare. That’s why I can spend money on things I like. Besides, shopping is a hobby that unites many people and if I run out of inspiration, I just go to the shop and start a conversation. I eagerly listen to their impressive stories and by the time I get home, a couple of verses are already born in my head. Of course, the stuff I buy inspires me too. And I’m talking not only about cute dresses. When you sit on the couch for hours, picking up the right rhyme, there should be something to look at and relax. Different pieces of wall décor help me to get away from composing for a while. I prefer small size pictures because they don’t occupy much space and thus, you can hang a set of them. Besides, the variety of themes and genres provides you with more ideas:

  • The painting of a lady in red encourages me to write about love and romance.
  • The night seaside awakens anxious thoughts in me.
  • On the contrary, the animals in the meadow bring me serenity.
  • The image of a child reminds me of youth, carelessness and desire to live.


Sailing with the artist

The last piece of art I purchased isn’t big as well. This canvas here is just 40×30. The author of this incredible picture is Leonid Afremov. He’s a well-known painter and it’s an honor to have his work at home. Fantastic color palette and the technique that he uses evoke bright emotions and add sunshine to my songs. This very canvas by Leonid is a magical one because each time I look at it, it triggers positive memories. What do you associate boats in a harbor with? For me, sailing is another kind of adventure. The lapping sound of water is like a lullaby. You get into Neptune’s kingdom where the force of nature is stronger than the human’s mind. And I love to realize that I control only a part of the process. Water brings freedom.

Now you see that art by Afremov is simple but thought-provoking. For a creative person, it’s like a fascinating book that you can’t stop reading. I’d compare Afremov works with a collection of stories from ’One Thousand and One Nights’ due to their heightened emotion and the diversity of themes. If you’re looking for a 40×30 art and a source of inspiration, visit Leonid’s gallery immediately!


Nothing can stop me!

The way of getting into show business reminds me this picture Even when the person is gifted, there will always be a bunch of ’critics’ willing to tear his work into pieces just because there’s nothing else to discuss. The funniest thing is when after making their fiery speeches, those people steal your ideas. And who was the spectacle aimed at? It’s easier to offend somebody than to support his efforts. Now you understand that a spineless musician will hide his light under the bushel having even proven himself by half.  Even your friends can turn out to be such betrayers! Once I asked my buddy’s opinion about the lyrics I wrote and know what? Instead of giving me useful advice, she found a million reasons to be busy. Well, count on yourself you never go wrong. It would be great to have an experienced mentor but then I get one more problem – money. Unfortunately, I haven’t inherited a large sum from a distant relative☺. Neither did I win a lottery. I don’t have the guts to rob a bank and, indeed, a gun license☺. Guess, the only reasonable solution of my dilemma is waiting. Maybe, I haven’t deserved fame yet. However, I’ll do my best to make my dream come true and appear on TV!